Is baytown texas racist


Because you refuse to clean up your profession; We, the people, no longer trust or respect you. Here is the reason they don't have a Facebook page. The two racist police officers, and yes, they are racist, run this man's driver's license, check his registration and insurance, and after finding no warrants and everything was valid, the man asks when he would be free to go, and the officer says "whenever" that is when racist cop 1 tells him to turn around, tries to cuff him, then takes him to the ground.

This video, right here, is why you don't talk to police and help them with their search to find something on you. They were either going to plant something in his car, or escalate the encounter to the point of arrest, and this man gave it to them. I really hope these cops were fired. However, I have met some incredible police officers from Baytown!

is baytown texas racist

They are amazing people, hands-down! I pray you keep them all safe while they work to keep us safe. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account?

Explore local businesses on Facebook. Sign Up. Tom Warner doesn't recommend Baytown Police Department. Kristofer Phillips doesn't recommend Baytown Police Department. See More.

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Baytown, TX

Related Pages. FOX 26 Houston. Forgotten account?Testing for health care workers and first responders with symptoms began Saturday afternoon. Testing began Saturday afternoon with a capacity of tests per day. Another Harris County site will come online today. Both are tasked with serving its region of the county. Mac McClendon, director for the office of Public Health Preparedness at Harris County Public Health said it was important to start testing with those in the frontline of the fight against the virus.

That is not a good thing for the public. Raquel Peat, US Human Health Service, said the next group accepted would be those aged 65 and older who show symptoms. McClendon added the site hopes to go live Monday or Tuesday to the public. People will not be able to simply drive up and be tested. Instead, they will need to have a code after completing a screening process.

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An online app will be made available to the public that will ask a set of questions. If warranted, the next step will be a human interaction that would follow with a site visit.

Spotlight journalists illuminate Boston’s unique racial disparities

There are two lanes of traffic feeding three stations at the site. The first station takes temperature. The next station is for data collection and the third is for swabbing. Visitors will stay in their car through the process. The swabbing station involves a swab in a nostril for at least five seconds. The opportunity for everyone to be tested has been a hot topic that was addressed by McClendon.

It comes down to available tests and resources. We have to focus on the people who actually need the test. McClendon said someone who needed the test might be missed if it went to someone did not need it. Log In. Keep it Clean. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. Don't Threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. Be Truthful. Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything.

Be Nice. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person. Be Proactive.We all watch the news with horror when we hear about a hate crime that happens not that far away from us. But there is data on where there were distinct Klaverns of the Ku Klux Klan in each state. We wanted to get the facts straight and dug into the data in order to identify the most racist cities in Texas.

Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers and how Bedias end up as the most racist place in Texas. Or check out the most ghetto cities and the most dangerous cities in Texas. Instead, we looked at the hard numbers from where KKK organizations have existed.

Specifically, we analyzed research out of Virginia Commonwealth University that mapped the Klans in each area and gave a history of their recruitment from This report is an analysis of the locations of historic KKK organizations divided by the number of people who currently live there. There were a total of cities with at least 1 Klavern in Texas during the time period of reference.

What is the KKK? The s movement sought to overthrow Republican state governments. The second movement — saw millions of members of the KKK form, which was opposed to immigration into America, especially against Catholics and Jews. The most memorable movement of the KKK started in the s, which was involved in the Civil Rights movement, and which targeted the black population in America. The cities below are the places where there were Klans back in the day, and where the number of Klans per the current population is high.

Meaning, the number of racist members of the community has historically been the highest, according to the math. Population: Klaverns: 1. Population: 2, Klaverns: 4. Below is a chart which lists all cities in Texas with KKK organizations from For more Texas readingcheck out:. Toggle navigation Road Snacks. This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Share on Facebook.By Saturday afternoon, 55 people have been confirmed infected with the coronavirus in Harris County.

Of those, 19 live in the City of Houston and 36 live elsewhere in the county. None have yet been reported in Chambers County. In other news of the COVID pandemic, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner ordered an investigation Friday into false social media reports the city would be going into a lockdown over the weekend or Monday. Many government offices are closed or remain operating only by telephone and online contact.

If you have business that cannot be postponed, call first. Chambers County canceled the Commissioners Court meeting for Tuesday. The county golf course is also closed. Log In.

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Keep it Clean. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. Don't Threaten. Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated. Be Truthful.

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Baytown Police Department

Updated 18 min ago 0. Toggle navigation. There has been one related death in Harris County, outside the City of Houston. Recommended for you.He claims Brown repeatedly targets African-American men and women and that he often threatens and intimidates them when they come to Baytown police headquarters to file complaints.

Tuesday afternoon, Baytown police released body camera video of a foot chase and arrest being called into question by Quanell X and Raphael White, the young man at the center of the arrest in question. They say Brown abused his power, claiming he sicced a K-9 on White after he was on the ground and surrendered to police. This was after he initially ran from the authorities during a traffic stop.

Police say Brown pulled White over for failing to signal while making a turn. They say White was ordered to get out of the car, and that, he did so, then took off running. The traffic stop occurred at p. Police eventually tracked White to a shed where he was hiding. A K-9 was called out to assist with the search inside that shed. My hands are already behind my back.

Please cuff me. The man pulled the dog off of me. When he pulled the dog off of me he looked at me and said, 'Are you still resisting arrest? White is charged with evading on foot and injury to a public service animal.

The Baytown Police Department states it has no documented complaints filed against Brown. About the Author: Andy Cerota Award-winning journalist, adventure seeker, explorer, dog lover.Charlie A Farrar: make it the 1, 2, 5 and dollar bill, they are all slave owners. Send to me and I'll destroy them.

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Bruce Marshall: When an organization that consumes everything in its path runs out of stuff to consume, it will turn upon itself. You can't trust a cannibal. We can dig hard enough on anyone and find something in their past that we could jump on.

Even if it were Jesus Christ He was guilty of love, something that seems to be in short supply nowadays. Keep 'me coming, brother! Steve Jouette: Bert Marshall, if you really need help to understand whom we should hate, you are going to have to expand your fan base to low paid academia and 30 somethings still living in mommy's basement. Lynnette Elder: Sounds like European history repeating itself in America. We all know how that ended. Or do we? What if history is wrong? What if it was just a bunch of lies?

I mean, some already say the concentration camps were propaganda. Oh dear! I have to find something to protest. Help me, Bert! Christopher Rincon: Nice read Buddy D. Casto: Well said Sir!!! James Connealy: As long as there is increasing numbers of mindless haters, we will never run short of mindless haters to loathe!

Gigi VaDonna: great read. John Frock: Well done my friend! Post a Comment.

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I'm embarrassed he is an American politician. I'm em Thursday, August 24, Who are we going to hate this week? If you are like me, you sit back every day and scratch what little bit of hair you still have on your head trying to figure out what the press is telling us.

I'm trying to figure out how so many people can schedule vacation at the same time to get off work so they can join in on the passion.

is baytown texas racist

I'm mad too Eddie! I think! But am I mad enough to get maced? Am I mad enough to get educated on what I am mad about? Does it matter if I know what I am demonstrating about, because it appears to me it doesn't. Using the new rules, all I have to do is think someone doesn't see things the way I do and that is grounds for me to knock their block off, or key their car.

If I actually believe what passes as news reports these days, I am missing out on a happening. Remember those? I certainly don't want to miss out. It appears it's now my civic duty to squash 1st amendment rights and get out there and make a difference because their opinion is so obviously wrong.The Klan in Goose Creek.

Goose Creek, with it's upper echelon aspirations was especially susceptible to recruitment by the Klan Kleagles recruiters. Baytown in had 10 houses of prostitution outside the refinery. Rumors of street fights and wild night life abounded amongst the civil minded folks in Goose Creek, less than a mile away.

Their numbers grew and they became bolder and bolder. Minorities, Catholics, and anyone who spoke out against them soon fell silent. As time progressed, the Goose Creek Klan began to pass judgment on any supposed moral infraction, mainly on local whites.

Beatings, tar and feathers, and death threats were exacted in excess of 20 separate occasions during their existence, some including women and children! I guess I thought that chapter in the book of Baytown would just go away if I ignored it. Tear out the pages. Her research paper, based largely on newspaper stories and interviews with longtime residents, is the source of my information.

Some people who defended the Klan as a necessary evil to maintain law and order in a wild and wooly oil boomtown. Enter the Klan. Said purpose of the group was to serve a mild warning to those who misbehaved and broke the law. As it turned out, warnings were not so mild and innocent people suffered.

A number of men of questionable character — thugs, in other words — joined the group, thinking the Klan would not bother them as long as they were members. And there were those who were forced to join the Klan. Employees found warning notes in their billfolds advising them to join. Robed Klansmen even entered churches during worship services to recruit members.

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People in the oil field would awaken in the morning to see a poster with the letters KKK attached to a tree or a tent. Hint, hint. A large all-day barbecue, held on the banks of Goose Creek stream, illustrated the acceptance of the Klan in the community. Criminal District Judge C. Robinson, who despised the Klan, received threats when he announced plans to speak at a rally in Goose Creek. Undaunted, the judge began his speech by saying he never was afraid to speak where there was a Baptist church and a Masonic Hall.

is baytown texas racist

In one incident after whipping a woman, the mob held a prayer meeting and then took her back home. In another incident, the Klansmen left a man and woman chained together. In yet another incident, a man and woman were beaten on a lonely country road.

Horrified citizens attempted to organize at a called meeting, but they were afraid to speak out. After milling about for an hour, the gathering dispersed. Local law enforcement officers also were intimidated, afraid to confront the Klan. Meanwhile the Houston Chronicle and Houston Press conducted a vigorous campaign condemning the Goose Creek Klansmen, who by then were making headlines nationwide. In its report, the grand jury in Judge C. Among these were men, women and children, and one boy about 16 years old.

To this day, no one wants to believe those atrocious acts really happened in their hometown, but they did.

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